Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turkey Taco Tuesdays

Ok so I haven't posted in a really long time. This blog has really turned into a recipe blog. I love to cook, I love to be creative in the kitchen (MY NEW KITCHEN if you haven't seen check out my facebook photo album Kitchen project) and because people are always asking me for recipes, I like to post it here. Last night in my new kitchen, I made my son's favorite meal...TACOS. Tacos are a GREAT way to get a healthy meal into your child by changing just a few small things. I use soft corn tortillas (better than the hard fried kind). I use organic ground turkey meat instead of ground beef and I NEVER EVER use those taco packets which contain dehydrated everything, and too much sodium and possibly MSG.

1 lb organic(if you can) ground turkey.
1 onion chopped fine
1 red,yellow or orange pepper chopped
2-3 cloves of garlic pressed or chopped fine
Juice of at least 1 lime
1 chopped plum tomato
1/2 can of tomato paste
a little chicken stock
Lots of chilli powder to taste.

can be anything you want but these are our typical toppings

Salsa verde (trader joes makes an awesome one)
Shredded cheese (your favorite)
some kind of green (I substitute arugula or mixed greens for iceberg)
Corn or trader joes corn salsa
low fat sour cream

Brown turkey meat in a pan
add in onion, garlic and peppers until coated and soft
you can add salt and pepper, garlic powder whatever you want
toss in a lot of chilli powder,
juice of the lime
tomato paste and then add some chicken stock to get it all wet and a little sauce.
Cover and let simmer

While the meat is simmering, spray Pam in a frying pan and heat fairly hot. Brown the corn tortilla - not really brown but get them a little toasted on each side. Add Pam in between each tortilla.

I toast 2 at a time and then put on a plate and cover with another plate. While they are toasting cut up your toppings and put all your toppings in ramakins. Voila.

Place meat on tortilla and top with your favorite toppings! YUM!

My 6 year old LOVES them and he gets, protein, good carb, cheese, veg, everything!

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