Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stop the Madness.....

As Election day approaches, I've been getting more and more emails from friends/acquaintances and/or family members about the election. Let me just put it out there...I'm a registered Democrat and I will be voting for....UUUGHGHGH OBAMA. There I said it. Now the emails I get frequently are usually forwards of some kind written by someone from the right who has distorted the facts about Obama and paints a rosey picture of McCain. I hate to say it, but since campaigning began I RARELY get propaganda from the left. I say that in all honesty. Once in a blue moon I will receive something but usually from a FRIEND who knows where I lean. My question is...why? Why do conservatives/Republicans, etc feel like they have a right to send a mass email out with extremely skewed points of view and call it fact, say Obama has LIED...meanwhile they are doing the EXACT same thing they are accusing the left candidate of. It's hypocrisy at its best. It's also extremely arrogant if you ask me. First of all, voting for a candidate and forming your points of view are extremely personal descisions. I take offense and have for a while, to those emails that are based mostly in bold face lies while some are based on half truths. I've been thinking about why it is that I get so mad. I think it's because some people assume that by me reading one of these half truth tidbits that I will read it and subsequently change my mind...my choices...that I have thought about, read about, prayed about and discussed. Like my descision was made by reading one of these bits of nonsense in the first place.

Maybe that's how they formed their opinions, by following what someone else has told them...I doubt it...but you never know. That's not how I've formed my own. I don't like that my opinion isn't respected when I do my best to respect other people's opinions and RIGHT to have a different opinion. I do not forward these emails because I do not presume to think that my email will change your mind. I do not assume that I even have a right to impose my beliefs on you in the first place. So why do people think they have a right to impose their beliefs on me?

And how Christ gets thrown around in these petty emails infuriates me even more. Insinuating that I can't be a Democrat and still whole heartedly be a CHRISTIAN. Last I checked this was a free country. This country was founded by those escaping religious persecution. Our Founding Fathers demanded a Separation of Church and State so that no one could impose their religious views on another. This melding of religion and law....threatens the very freedoms men have died fighting for. I believe in Christ and that he is my Savior. I don't believe that John McCain or George Bush for that matter, are the chosen few. And as a Christian, I resent that insinuation. That Barack Hussein Obama can't be one because of his middle name. And even if he WAS Muslim....how great a country is this that a mixed race man, of whatever religion has been able to do what he has done.

I know many of you have different opinions and I respect them. I silently respect them by NOT forcing my views on you. I think it's an awesome thing that we can all believe different things in this great country and NOT be persecuted for it. So please, stop the email propaganda...just vote your conscience. I certainly will vote mine.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just call me NI---COOL

Nico and Alessandro

Alessandro and Nico

Alessandro and Nico

Daniele and Christian circa 1977

Copyright and Copy of

So I've been thinking all day since I started my blog (YAY!) about posting some of my writing. I have a few essays I'd like to post and also some poems I've written over the years but I'm sort of weary about this whole blog online thing. I am guessing I probably shouldn't post my original works unless I get a copyright for them...am I right? Not that anyone would even want to use them, but you know...somewhere in the fantasy of my mind I will be a published, famous writer one day and if I don't copyright my material....how will anyone know I was the original author? So here I sit wanting to share some creative stuff but not able to at this point I suppose. I googled it and basically it, like everything, costs $$$. Oh well. If anyone reads this and has any experience with this I'd appreciate some advice.

On another note, we went to visit Danny's brother, Christian and his wife Evelyn and their nearly 2 year old son, Alessandro today in Queens. Nico was sooo excited to see his cousin. I've attached some pictures. What's cool is that Nico and Ale are almost carbon copies of their dads, Daniele and Christian....what do you think? See pics above!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is Nico - AKA Nico Pico, Nico Monster, The Monkey, etc...but overall the light of my life. Pretty cute huh?

So here we go....

Ciao everyone!
So after reading and subscribing to several of my friends' blogs, I decided....why not start my own. I love to write and heaven knows I have opinions on everything. I also thought instead of sending out volumes and volumes of digital albums of my son, I can simply post current photos and events in one centralized location so friends and family can see Nico's adventures. For those of you who have never experienced a blog before, this is an online public diary of sorts. I'm hoping this will be a creative outlet for me as I am seemingly starved for creative outlets these days working in an office. If I post an opinion on something that offends you please know it's not my intention - it's just my opinion. If you want to comment feel free.
A note about the title....if you know me you know my background is Musical Theatre. One of my favorite shows is of course My Fair Lady, hence my email address....so I thought it appropriate to name my blog, My Fair Life. My Fair Life encompasses my son, my very Italian husband, my job as an Environmental Underwriter and everything else Jessica (kind of egocentric but if you can't be egocentric in your own blog...where can you be?). I hope you enjoy it!