Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Players

So I changed my Blog description - kind of inspired to launch a new My Fair Life so here goes...Blog description is, An Italiano, a boy, a girl... and me.

The Players

Meet the Italiano:

 He is cute eh? You will hear a lot about him on this blog. He is motivated by 3, salami and sex...and not particularly in that order. English isn't his first language and he says really funny things like..."Don't contage me" and "I need to see a Paleontologist" instead of 'periodontist' Yeah he's pretty funny.

 The Boy:

  He's even cuter than the Italiano...He's 7 1/2 - finishing up his 2nd grade year at a Catholic school. He is motivated by soccer, video games, food - Ice cream in particular and questions. He's extremely inquisitive, so much so that when you engage the questions, you realize you will eventually get backed into a corner that you will NEVER get out of! Be aware! It's a humbling experience. You will realize how much you actually know NOTHING about. You know that expression, "If you can't explain it to a 7 year old, you don't really understand it yourself"'s like THAT.

 The Girl: 

  Yeah I know...She's the cutest. But deadly. She is motivated by anything that will DRIVE ME BANANAS. She, in her 3 short years, has figured out how to manipulate and control any and every situation. If she can' prepared for WW III. It's a good thing she is this cute. She's also
extremely bright and independent.

 ...and ME 

I'm the author of this here blog. You can read about me in the "ABOUT ME" section. My motivation in life is to make the above three happy and content...and then bitch about it all here. Hope you enjoy.

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