Saturday, October 25, 2008

So here we go....

Ciao everyone!
So after reading and subscribing to several of my friends' blogs, I decided....why not start my own. I love to write and heaven knows I have opinions on everything. I also thought instead of sending out volumes and volumes of digital albums of my son, I can simply post current photos and events in one centralized location so friends and family can see Nico's adventures. For those of you who have never experienced a blog before, this is an online public diary of sorts. I'm hoping this will be a creative outlet for me as I am seemingly starved for creative outlets these days working in an office. If I post an opinion on something that offends you please know it's not my intention - it's just my opinion. If you want to comment feel free.
A note about the title....if you know me you know my background is Musical Theatre. One of my favorite shows is of course My Fair Lady, hence my email I thought it appropriate to name my blog, My Fair Life. My Fair Life encompasses my son, my very Italian husband, my job as an Environmental Underwriter and everything else Jessica (kind of egocentric but if you can't be egocentric in your own blog...where can you be?). I hope you enjoy it!