Sunday, October 26, 2008

Copyright and Copy of

So I've been thinking all day since I started my blog (YAY!) about posting some of my writing. I have a few essays I'd like to post and also some poems I've written over the years but I'm sort of weary about this whole blog online thing. I am guessing I probably shouldn't post my original works unless I get a copyright for I right? Not that anyone would even want to use them, but you know...somewhere in the fantasy of my mind I will be a published, famous writer one day and if I don't copyright my will anyone know I was the original author? So here I sit wanting to share some creative stuff but not able to at this point I suppose. I googled it and basically it, like everything, costs $$$. Oh well. If anyone reads this and has any experience with this I'd appreciate some advice.

On another note, we went to visit Danny's brother, Christian and his wife Evelyn and their nearly 2 year old son, Alessandro today in Queens. Nico was sooo excited to see his cousin. I've attached some pictures. What's cool is that Nico and Ale are almost carbon copies of their dads, Daniele and Christian....what do you think? See pics above!


Tedd and Joanna Szeto said...

Very cool - especially Christian. What cuties! And yeah, I suppose anything posted is up for grabs, but I'd love to read your musings!

Tedd and Joanna Szeto said...

Let me clarify that last post...LOL...Christian looks much like his Papa in the pic. Nico, the COOLEST!